Landscape Maintenance

Regular landscape maintenance services can be requested on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed basis. Our basic maintenance services include:
  • Mowing/Trimming of Turf
  • Spraying and Removal of Weeds
  • Minor Pruning of Shrubs
  • Blowing of Debris from Landscape and Hardscape Surfaces
  • *Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs once a Year
  • *Fertilization of Turf (every 6-8 weeks for summer lawns, every 4-6 weeks for winter lawns)
  •  Reprogramming of Irrigation Clock as Seasons Dictate

Additional Maintenance Services Include:
  • Highly Manicured Pruning
  • Irrigation System Checks & Repairs
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Citrus and Palm Fertilization
  • Installation of Annual Flowers and Herbs
  • Rose Care

Pruning Policy: We tend to be more conservative with pruning--leaving shrubs to grow naturally leads to a healthier, more colorful plant. If you prefer a more manicured look, however, please let us know. Allow a few services for our crew to get a feel for your personal landscape preferences. Our first goal is always to make you happy. 
*Cost of fertilizer is extra